What Wines to Pair with Blue Cheese

First Blue Cheese is made from mild ( Young ) to sharp (Aged) versions, so which will you be enjoying.

So I sent out a the Bat Signal out to friends in the Food and wine business for a little help.


Meg Houston Maker  http://www.makerstable.com

Best wines for blue cheese have some sweetness: Port (ruby, tawny), Sauternes, Oloroso sherry, Banyuls, Recioto, Tokaji. Also some full-bodied Chards, sweet Riesling, Tempranillo, Calif. Cab & Merlot. You need some serious fruit or serious sweetness.

Jason Brandt Lewis,

Sauternes and Tokaji

Carol Berman, Founder of  Class in a  Glass


Ports and sweet sherry, for young Blue late harvest German or Alsatian wines

Mark McClenning , Manager of Illinois River Winery

I think it also matters when you are having the cheese – which course is it going to be served? Is it in the appetizer? Is it on the cheese plate after the main course? That would have an impact on my choice.

I am thinking of something a little rougher but still flavorful like a powerful cabernet franc, a dense shiraz from Australia, a Chilean Carmenere, or even a good New Zealand Pinot Noir.

Gabriele Keeler, Co Owner Keeler Estate Vineyard

A lighter more fruity Oregon Pinot Noir

Petro Walters Sales Rep for Ferry Fine Wines

An Off Dry Gewurtraminer

Bob Lipinski, Executive Director at High Impact Business Solutions
You might consider other fortified wines (besides port) such as dry Marsala, Verdelho Madeira, or an Amontillado sherry. Now if you specified a particular type of blue cheese, such as Roquefort or Gorgonzola, my suggestions might vary.
P.S. I love blue cheese served with freshly shelled walnuts and perhaps some dried pears.

Recipe Ideas for using Blue Cheese !

Now I have seen Blue Cheese used as a salad topping or melted on top of a big Steak served with a wonderful aged Cabernet Sauvignon, I still remember that party Shawn.

Recently, I cam across another recipe using soft/young in a Chicken Cordon Bleu pardon the pun.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe


Another Good Recipe to Check Out


I reached out to the Members of the Food Bloggers Network on Facebook to see if anyone had any other Recipe Ideas to share.


Anne Papina Smith This mac & blue cheese w/ham is one of my favorites:


Kirsten Olson Madaus   I don’t want to break the self promo rules, but my blog is Farm Fresh Feasts and there’s a lovely Mushroom Medley with Caramelized Onion and Gorgonzola Pizza on there which is mild and yummy.



Renee Dobbs : I have a recipe for blue cheese walnut tarts (little bite-sized ones made in a mini muffin pan) that are a great appetizer and would go fabulously with wine. You can use any blue cheese, mild or ultra stinky/sharp/whatever you want to call it.



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