Sriracha Chicken Recipes #2



1 bone in Chicken Breast

12 ounces beer (recommend:  Foothills Hoppyum)

3 Tbs.  Sierra Nevada Pale Ale& Honey Spice Mustard

1 Tbs.  Agave Nectar

1 tsp.  Kosher salt

1 tsp.  black pepper

1 tsp.  Sriracha

Sriracha Cabbage Slaw (recipe follows)

Hoison Sauce

Sourdough Bread (cut ½ inch thick)


Rinse chicken under cold water and pat dry.  In a bowl or large zip lock plastic bag, add the beer, mustard, agave, salt, pepper and Sriracha.  Mix well and add the chicken breast.  Marinate for about 45 minutes.  While marinating, make the Sriracha Cabbage Slaw.


Sriracha Cabbags Slaw:

½ tsp.  celery seed

½ tsp.  Light Muscovado sugar

1 ½ Tbs.  Sriracha

1 ½ Tbs.  lemon juice

3 Tbs.  Mayonaise

Salt or fish sauce to taste

½ head cabbage chopped

1 carrot, sliced thinly


In a bowl or food processor, combine the celery seed, sugar, sriracha, lemon juice and mayonnaise.  Add salt or fish sauce to taste.  Add this to the chopped cabbage and carrot and toss together.  Taste for seasoning and refridgerate.


Drain the chicken from the marinade and roast on a rack in a shallow roasting pan.  The internal temperature should reach 165 degrees, about 45 minutes to an hour.  This could also be done ahead and kept refriderated.


Once cooled, remove meat from bone and slice into ½ inch portions.  To assembly the sandwich, lay chicken on the sourdough bread.  Spread hoisin sauce on chicken and top with the sriracha slaw, add more sriracha if desired.  Top with the other slice of sourdough and cut sandwich diagonally.  Serve with Foothills Hoppyum!


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