More Bison Recipe Ideas: Bison Burgers

More Bison Recipes Ideas : Bison Burgers

1 lb. Ground Bison
3-4 tbsp. whole black peppercorns (crushed)
2 tbsp. honey
1 tbsp. hot water
Blackeye Pea Relish

Divide buffalo meat into 4 equal portions and shape each into a 1-inch thick patty; ;lace on waxed paper. Put crushed pepper on paper alongside meat, and pat each patty on all sides in pepper, using it all. Set patties well apart on a rack in a broiler pan, about 12 x 14 inch size. Mix honey with hot water; drizzle some of the liquid over top and sides of patties. Broil meat about 5 inches from the heat until lightly browned, 4-6 minutes. Turn with a wide spatula and drizzle top and sides of patties with the honey liquid. Pour the remaining honey liquid over meat and serve. Serve with the Blackeye Pea Relish. Serves 4.

Where to buy Carolina Bison
Main Street Produce
100 East North Main Street
Littleton, North Carolina


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